Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To This

Five years ago next Monday (12/24), with a whimper you can read by clicking here, this blog was born.

Not everything I said in that first posting has come to pass. For instance, "Not everything you read here will be absolutely true, but much of it will have a point of some sort or other." Part A of that statement? On the nose. Part B? Well...let's just say that most of my meaningful points have been saved for a different blog that began just this past March, Truth is....

To celebrate the anniversary of my entrance into the blogosphere, I offer the following statistics, all of which (as of yesterday) are true...but probably pointless.

  • Total number of posts: 264
  • Total number of pageviews: 6,086
  • Average views per post: If you're really interested, do the math. (See? It IS useful in real life!)
  • Most-viewed post, with a total of 126: Paul's First Epistle to Facebookians
  • Strangest search keywords that brought someone to the blog: Walter Deubener
  • Second strangest search keywords: Caution handle with care I'm hot
  • Location where all of my books can be purchased: Dewey's Lulu Store
  • Sneaky product placement: See above
  • Almost the Truth has a globally-diverse audience. No surprise that most pageviews originate in the United States, but that is followed, in order, by Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, Slovenia, South Korea, China, and Denmark.
  • The referring URL that has resulted in the most pageviews is a Russian search engine! (If the Cold War was still on, I'd insert some joke about almost-truth and the Russian government. Feel free to ad lib one of your own.)

Thanks for coming along on the ride as I do my best to honor the mission statement posted on the Almost the Truth(TM) Publishing FaceBook page (visible here): If laughter is the best medicine, ALMOST THE TRUTH™ exists to heal the world.

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