Friday, March 1, 2013

Observed Absurdities™ 9 - Speechless (Would Have Been Preferred)

Loyal and trusty reader (and co-worker), Queen CanDo, saw the following posted by someone on FaceBook. It is quoted exactly, though I have replaced generally-accepted-as-naughty words with less-offensive alternatives. 

I wish have to change make back to past FIX it everything my life to today.  I have lot of [solid waste] in my mind.  I not mean to rude, cocky, [exit port of digestive system] and else.  Its Not my fault!...And I not kind of person like [exit port of digestive system]..i have BIG heart!...Seem not enough to show them peoples….

I think the zombie apocalypse has already happened, brains have been eaten, and the freedom of speech needs to be repealed in some select instances.

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