Friday, November 23, 2012

Dewey should...

The concept is simple enough. Go to your World Wide Wackfest search engine of choice (I choose, and support Rest in Him Ministry with every click of the mouse). Enter your name, followed by a verb of some sort. Assuming your name isn't Bildad, the result of your search will be a list of where that phrase is used and a plethora of suggestions of, in this particular case, what you should be, have, or do.

Dewey should be easy to spot.
Dewey should have demanded recount after recount.
Dewey should just shut up and search.
Dewey should expect to experience an outage about four hours in length, beginning at about 9 a.m. Thursday.
Dewey should try to follow his ideas.
Dewey should survive the entire new trilogy.
Dewey should have their numbers retired.
Dewey should be required reading for all teachers and extensively so for administrators.
Dewey should provide ample "time, talk, and tools."
Dewey should have beaten Truman.
Dewey should meet Joebot.
Dewey should have been offed in Scream 3.
Dewey should follow in his sire's footsteps as a talented show jumping prospect.
Dewey should receive thousands.
Dewey should start his own text message marketing service.
Dewey should be single in this plot.
Dewey should just be allowed to die, i.e., slip into a straight-up liquidation.
Dewey should be the defendant in the case.
Dewey should go down as the greatest experiment on the secondary level in the 20th century.

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