Monday, February 13, 2012

Dewey is...

According to the World Wide Wackfest and a Rest in Him Ministry-helping search on, I am much more than meets the eye. Observe...

Dewey is best known for developing the theory of instrumentalism, which posits the value of an idea in relation to its practical consequences rather than as a transcendent truth.

Dewey is a cancer survivor.

Dewey is a must read for cat lovers, cat owners, library employees, and anyone who is having a hard time in life and needs some inspiration.

Dewey is adopted!

Dewey is the Welsh form of the masculine name, David.

Dewey is a first-team all-American.

Dewey is about 15 miles south of the Kansas border.

Dewey is new association executive for River Counties.

Dewey is a board certified cardiothoracic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of valvular related heart disease, cardiac transplantation, mechanical assist devices, and complex coronary artery disease.

Dewey is no Mr. Miyagi.

Dewey is a paraprofessional at Rush-Henrietta High School with severe arthritis pain.

Dewey is a year older than me. [Nice trick, eh?]

Dewey is scheduled for a settlement conference, or further case management on Tuesday.

Dewey is better looking than Jeeves.

Dewey is a co-founder of functional psychology.

Dewey is not just a party town.

Dewey is a member of the American Library Association's Hall of Fame.

Dewey is dating!

Dewey is not altogether forgotten.

Dewey is now old enough to be the president of Idaho.

Dewey is a dead man. [True, interestingly enough…see Galatians 2:20!]

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