Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dewey wants...

According to the World Wide Wackfest and a Google search, I've got a long list of wants:

Dewey wants Petey to go away.

Dewey wants Hal to quit drinking coffee.

Dewey wants philosophy to rise above old tired disputes to address new, more vital questions and problems.

Dewey wants an iPhone.

Dewey wants his clients to be happy and confident about their real estate decisions.

Dewey wants to turn his unsuspecting students into a rock band and crew, which will serve as a vehicle to stardom.

Dewey wants to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.

Dewey wants to experiment.

Dewey wants us to evaluate our experiences in terms of their consequences.

Dewey wants to be a baby.

Dewey wants to play.

Dewey wants a sister.

Dewey wants to take schools out of the education business, as traditionally understood, and put them in the conditioning (or parenting) business.

Dewey wants to deny that we can grasp reality through faith or logic.

Dewey wants the design to inspire residents to live without toxic materials, consume less overall, and use resources wisely.

Dewey wants to show families that there is fun for them, too.

Dewey wants company in the slammer.

Dewey wants to be in those old black and white “Thin Man” movies.

Dewey wants reconciliation.

Dewey wants a fast commuter bike.

Dewey wants to help you love the one that counts — yourself.

Dewey wants a productive work environment for city workers who enthusiastically and diligently serve the public.

Dewey wants to bring the philosophical estimate of human knowledge back into its concrete home context: practical problem solving.

Dewey wants to keep the Emersonian theodicy alive under new circumstances and challenges.

And after those last few mouthfuls of gobbledegook...true truth be told...Dewey wants to hurl.

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