Friday, January 8, 2016

Observed Absurdities™ 22 - The Amazing Invisible Coupon

I had an...interesting...encounter with a customer at JesusInc semi-recently.

A lady came into the bookstore, having heard about a 40% off coupon that comes with the download of the store's phone app. She wanted 40% off on something even though she didn't download the app...or even have a smart phone.

One of my co-workers explained to her that a person needs to actually have a coupon in order to use a coupon.

This did not satisfy DiscountLady. She wanted to talk to a supervisor. My co-worker handed DiscountLady over to me so I could explain to her that a person needs to actually have a coupon in order to use a coupon.

"The JesusInc store on the other side of The City said I could use the coupon." (I'm sure they did. And when they did, they must have meant that you could use the coupon on the item in question...if you had it. And if they implied that they would give you 40% off even without the coupon, they were...well...wrong. How can I enter a coupon code into the cash register for a coupon I can't see? However, I am able to give you 20% off your item, as a token of good will.)

This did not satisfy DisgruntledLady. She wanted to talk to the Store Manager. I handed DisgruntledLady over to the Store Manager so she could explain that a person needs to actually have a coupon in order to use a coupon.

Thirty minutes later.

That's right. I said thirty...minutes...later...DemonLady came up to the register, where the Store Manager rang up her her the 40% off she so wrongly felt she so rightly deserved.

After the Store Manager walked away and DemonLady was returning things to her purse, I said, "Well, I'm glad we were able to work something out for you."

"Yeah...after I pushed for it. You know, they used to say that the customer is always right. I thought this was a Christian store." (Well, ma'am, two things: First, although "the customer is always right" is a commonly-heard phrase from the middle of the past century, it is not, nor has it ever been, true. Second, yes, we sell Christian-themed books and gifts here at the store, so by all means, let's break rules and stiff the company and harass the employees.)


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