Friday, May 8, 2015

Observed Absurdities™ 17 - Stop Picking That Thing

It was a simple trip through the Wendy's drive-though. Really shouldn't have been an occasion worthy of comment...but the strangeness of what the person in the vehicle in front of me was doing changed all that.

This is an actual-factual picture of the scene in question...taken through my windshield. The minivan had pulled up far enough for a person in the middle seat to be able to pay for the order and accept the several bags of Wendyosity.

Please notice the two large, yellow door-dingers...those concrete posts designed to really frustrate a person who accidentally drops his or her debit card. You see the front one? The one that has a dark patch at the top where the yellow paint is missing?

Yeah, well, while the fine folks at Wendy's were taking their sweet time at producing the mini-van's order, the driver reached his arm out and flicked a couple paint chips off the post...creating that dark patch.

I put it up to an absent-minded product of being temporarily bored...until several seconds later when the driver's arm made a second appearance in order to remove more paint.

When he started going at it a third time, I began considering the distinct possibility that the driver's mind was actually absent. That's when I noticed his bumper sticker: Minnesota Mental Health Services - I've got half a mind to go there.

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