Friday, March 6, 2015

...And Still Alive To Tell About It

I have been such a reckless daredevil over the years. To hear some people talk nowadays, I never should have survived my childhood.

We rode in the back of Dad's pickup truck...sometimes even sitting on the side instead of hunkered down in the bed.

I spent hours riding my bike through the countryside in the helmet, no heatstroke-avoiding headgear of any kind, no environmentally-friendly water container at my side. [No cellphone to call for help. No warnings about Stranger Danger...]

My parents, particularly my father, spanked me when I was out of line...and sometimes even when I wasn't.

I jumped into piles of hay.

I dug tunnels in the snow.

I climbed trees without adult supervision.

I drank out of the garden hose.

I played, and encouraged others to play, Chubby Bunnies.

I enjoyed salsa from a bowl which had been double-dipped into.

I never used hand sanitizer.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Yeah...the ladies love us bad boys.

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