Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Triskaidekaphobia Day!

13 reasons to stay in bed all day. Number 7 will make your ears fall off!

1)  Facebook is still letting all those idiotic people who don't agree with your politics post idiotic and non-factual articles from that website run by disagreeable, non-factual idiots.

2)  Your smartphone has more bacteria on it than your toilet seat.

3)  A black cat just walked under a ladder.

4)  Disney may be attempting a reboot of the Indiana Jones film franchise.

5)  There's a snake in the sewer lines under your house.

6)  Pretty sure that green, fuzzy thing in your fridge has started throbbing.

7)  Justin Bieber is releasing a new song today.

8)  Valentine chocolate won't go on clearance until Sunday.

9)  Your cable just went out.

10)  Kim Kardashian.

11)  Fred Basset is still being published.

12)  There's a bad moon on the rise.

13)  Your identity got stolen, but they lost interest and gave it back.

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