Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Tweets

Up till now, me having a Twitter account (@deweyroth) was just a residual happenstance from me saying, “What’s up with all this tweeting I keep hearing about?” Last night, I decided to change all that and committed to sending my personal commentary on the telecast of the 84th Annual Academy Awards into the World Wide Wackfest…140 characters at a time.

For those of you who missed it:

6:57 Central Time - @SteveMartinToGo and I will be keeping you up to speed on the Oscars. Or up to snuff...your vice of choice

Wait...what? I thought the Oscars started at 7:00 Central...There's still 1/2 hour of "ooh your dress is beautiful"? Going to pop corn...

Morgan Freeman could make a subway toilet classy.

Have fun storming' the Fuhrer!

The movie theaters of our youth? Mr. Crystal, did they HAVE movies when you were young?

Great montage

Jennifer Lopez is a great woman of faith...would have to be to believe she's not going to pop out of that dress

They should remake the Wizard of Barbra Streisand could play the Cowardly make-up required.

8:05 Those huge leaning Oscar torsos are kinda scary.

8:08 - Is anyone else feeling a little guilty for thinking that the Iranian's acceptance speech was a coded message?

No wonder Christian Bale uses an American accent in all his movies...I can't understand a thing he says in his normal voice.

HA! The sound editors made a joke: "Hugo." "No, HUgo."

8:27 - Why do I have to keep seeing that weird thang the Sarah Palin impersonator is wearing?

I was wondering when there was going to be a movie-themed commercial. Way to go, Diet Coke!

Cirque du Soleil's performance was "What it's like to go 2 the movies" Um, yeah...I always have people doing handstands on trapezes @ films

First honest laugh of the show...8:46...thank you, Chris Rock

Rango!!!!!!! yay!

Yes, one and all..."Brave" is looking like a must-see.

Emma Stone is bending over and is still taller than Ben Stiller.

9:10 - How does one become the president of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

9:12 - Sorry, I normally really like Billy Crystal, but he's doing a lot of laughing at his own stuph 2night

That was cool...the musical score winner took time to greet each of his co-nominees before taking the stage.

9:19 - We can send a man to the moon, but we can't convince people they don't need to bend over for the mic to pick up their voices.

Thank you, Angelina Jolie, for standing that way in that dress with those legs.

However, Angelina, your arms are freakishly 2-dimensional.

9:43 - Documentary short film...yeah, yeah, yeah...whatever.

So...were all the nominees instructed to talk about how much they love movies and when they first started watching them?

9:56 - Meryl Streep is presenting the Governor's award. ActorBoy says she's even beautiful without make-up.

Still waiting to see @tomhanks...where art thou, oh bosom buddy?

Watching the In Memoriam segment reminded me of the year the Emmys failed to recognize Larry Hovis' passing. AUGH!


10:25 - Didn't Glenn Close play a man before? (See "Hook" for the guy thrown into the Boo Box.)

Actually, Meryl, over half of America was saying, "Yes, the Academy finally got it right (for a 3rd time)!"

10:36 - The producer of "The Artist" looks and sound like Peter Lorre. I'm just sayin'...

So much pomp &self-importance & so many Meaningful Statements &the show fizzles 2 an end with "Well, that's our show, goodnight everybody"?

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