Friday, February 28, 2014

Muppets of the Lost Ark

If Mel Brooks could do a feature-length parody of Star Wars called Spaceballs - and he not only could, but he did - then the Muppets (owned by Disney, which apparently has a relationship with the Indiana Jones franchise, judging by theme park attractions) most certainly could - dare I say "should? - create a film that hilariously lampoons Our Favorite Archeologist. And the good news is, I've already made the major casting decisions for them.

The first three are no-brainers, while the remainder may be open to debate. Here then, are my suggestions:

Indiana Jones = Kermit

 Marion Ravenwood = Miss Piggy

 Sallah = Fozzie

 Dr. Rene' Belloq = Pepe (if only for the interesting accent)

Major Arnold Toht = Gonzo

Dr. Marcus Brody = Dr. Benson Honeydew

Satipo = Rizzo

Monkey Man (with Monkey) = Dr. Teeth (with Animal)

And no, there wasn't much to do at work did you guess?

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