Friday, December 2, 2016



Out on the WorldWideWackfest!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's the exact opposite of an earlier post about removing a letter to create a new movie!

  • The Godfarther  -  An organized crime boss wins an idol-tossing competition.
  • The Empire Strikes Black  -  A massive power outage on Tatooine
  • Raiders of the Lost Park  -  Indiana Jones searches for a playground in Atlantis.
  • Slaving Private Ryan  -  Human trafficking during World War II
  • The Green Smile  -  Documentary about extreme dental cases
  • Black to the Future  -  Eddie Murphy experiences time travel.
  • Dine Hard  -  A New York cop can't get a reservation in an L.A. restaurant.
  • 12 Hangry Men  -  A judge refuses to feed a jury until they come up with a verdict.
  • The Good, the Bard, and the Ugly  -  A mysterious man, a petty thief, and William Shakespeare set off to find a pot of gold.
  • This Is Spinal Tape  -  Instructional video on new surgical closure technologies
  • Walk the Liner  -  The biography of a boy who delivers makeup
  • Some Like It Shot  -  Not everyone prefers large glasses of alcohol.
  • Jawas  -  The secret life of droid scavengers
  • Troy Story  -  An animated retelling of the Trojan Horse
  • Rebar Window  -  A man confined to a wheelchair watches life from his prison cell.
  • Singing in the Train  -  A big musical set in the subway
  • Jurassic Spark  -  The creation of fire
  • The Princess Bridge  -  The royal dentist saves a smile.
  • Gone with the Wined  -  A group of drunken friends gets lost.
  • Stare Trek  -  Exploring the universe without blinking
  • Return of Them Jedi  -  The Force awakens in Kentucky.

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Matthew said...

Returns of the Jedi - A tax movie
Old Schools - a documentary about abandoned school buildings
Superb Troopers - basically the opposite of Super Troopers
Moonrakers - Zen gardens in space