Friday, April 8, 2016


I absolutely stole this idea from the World Wide Wackfest, but the specific content of this list is absolutely mine.

  • The Princess Ride - Oh the angst of needing to decide whether to go side-saddle.
  • Aws - A New England summer resort town is invaded by giant, overly-cute kittens.
  • Hat Thing You Do - A local group of haberdashers temporarily hit the big time.
  • The Lion, the Itch, and the Wardrobe - Four British children are transported to another land and rescue the citizenry from a severe allergic reaction.
  • My Big Fat Reek Wedding - Pretty Dress. Stinky Flowers.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Undance Kid - Two congenial villains in the Old happens to be clumsy.
  • Godfinger - James Bond on the trail of the super-villain who stole the Sistine Chapel.

  • Bride of Spies - A beautiful widow marries her dead husband's CIA coworker.
  • Gone With the Win - A Union soldier leaves town immediately after the end of the Civil War.
  • The Ion King - The inspiring story of an orphaned scientist.
  • Riders of the Lost Ark - Indiana Jones travels back in time to sail with Noah.
  • Forrest Ump - A learning-disabled man officiates the World Series.
  • The Greatest Sow on Earth - That's some pig.
  • Lad and the Tramp - Opie Taylor befriends a hobo.
  • Men in Back - A documentary about the origins of the dance craze known as "grinding".
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dom - Our intrepid archaeologist discovers a cult that worships comic actor, Dom Deluise. 
  • It's a Wonderful Lie - George Bailey changes his town by starting a rumor about Mr. Potter.

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