Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh Well: An Ever-Increasing Challenge to My Optimism

I finally took the plunge into the Bowed-Head Vortex this week.

Yep. That's right. I bought an iPhone.

"This is good," thought I. "When we're visiting SweaterGal but I still need Internet access to do my work for DocumentCzar, I won't be stuck using Beloved's phone as a WiFi hotspot."

The first bump in the road: the toddler taking care of me at the wireless communication store couldn't transfer my list of contacts from my old phone. It seems he connected my old phone to his magic transferring box and it said, "Why are you trying to plug a rock into me? Bring me a phone, or go away!" old phone really was that old.

"Oh well...I'll just have to put my contacts in by hand. It will be a good excuse for thinning the ranks."

Wait. There's more.

I pulled into my normal parking spot at DocumentCzar at my normal, earlier-than-98%-of-the-other-employees time, and realized that my normally-left-in-the-car access badge had been abnormally left on my bedroom dresser.

"Oh well...I'll just call my manager, who also arrives every day at dawn-thirty, and have her come to the door and let me in."

But I was proudly carrying my new phone, which did not have my manager's phone number in it yet.

"Oh well...I'll just call Beloved (waking her up, no doubt) and ask her to get the number from my old phone, if she can find it and if I can talk her through which buttons to push to find the contact list."

Then I looked across the parking lot and noticed that my manager's Cooper Mini was not in its normal, tiny spot.

"Oh well...I'll just stand around the front door and look pathetic-yet-trustworthy until someone lets me in...or has me arrested...whichever comes first."

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