Friday, March 11, 2016

If You Have To Explain It, Maybe It's Not All That Funny

Not everybody gets my sense of humor.

Big newsflash, right?

I understand, though. I really do. I've got these parallel trains of thought running all the time and they very easily jump the tracks and interfere with each other. It's seeing connections between things that normal people don't really see connections between. It's having a cranial database of songs and catch phrases and classic television that refuses to keep things compartmentalized.

But the clerk at my local drugstore has set the record for not getting it.

Because Beloved recently had foot surgery to repair a major bone spur, she was taking Happy Pills. A not-uncommon side effect of Happy Pills is a jolly jaunt through the Land of NotDiarrhea. To combat this duodenal dam, I went to the drugstore to purchase some stool softener...which sounds like a person has a three-legged, armless chair that's too hard, but I digress.

I walked up to the counter with my bottle of ColonBlow and DrugstoreClerk asked me, "How's it going?"

Well of COURSE I broke out laughing...wouldn't you?

But even after I pointed out to DrugstoreClerk the connection between my laughter and my purchase, he just nodded once and said, "Oh."

Well gee...have a nice day, Mortimer.

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