Friday, February 12, 2016

Fun With Anagrams - The Political Edition

We don't even know who the official major party candidates are yet, and already I am on political overload. So much little understanding.

In an effort to start enjoying the process, let us consider the hidden meanings of some significant names and terms through the wonders of anagrams.

Republican = Caliber Pun or Crab Lineup or Nubile Crap or Rub A Pencil
Donald Trump = Damp Old Runt
Chris Christie = Crisis Hitcher
Ted Cruz = Curt Zed
Carly Fiorina = A Rainy Frolic or Nil Coif Array
Marco Rubio = I Rob Our Mac
Ben Carson = Bran Scone (i.e., Good for you, but not very exciting)

Electoral College = Relocate Cello Leg
Oval Office = Loaf Of Vice
White House = I Shout Whee
Senators = So Astern or Are Snots
Filibuster = Lustier Fib
Incumbents = Numb Insect

Democrat = Coat Mr Ed or Recto Dam
Hillary Clinton = Chilly Loin Rant
Bernie Sanders = Bans Reindeers or Ensnares Bride or Breeds A Sinner

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