Friday, April 10, 2015

Create a Caption's Last Hurrah

In the not-too-distant past, the Almost the TruthTM Publishing FaceBook page, as part of its weekday schedule, The Morning Games,  featured Create a Caption Fridays. The deal was, the page would post a photo and the adoring public would exercise its sense of humor by creating crazy captions for said photo...resulting in a splendid time being guaranteed for all.

As the initial red-hot levels of interest and participation waned, the page editors decided to change Fridays to Earworm Fridays and recently began to post YouTube videos of songs that will generally stick in a person's head all weekend long. (For a description of what the other Morning Games are, go to the page and read all about it.)

The reason I bring all of this up today is because I've got some left-over pictures that never had their turn in the limelight. Here they are, with an example of what jumps into my mind when I see them. Feel free to add your own worthy thoughts to the mix.

 "Okay, Number Seven, show me what you've got. Impress me."

 "When I said 'get down here this instant,' this is NOT what I meant!"

 "Do you seriously expect ME to clean this up?!!?"

 "Come OWT, you evil spirit! I rebyoooook yu!"

 "Then again, many people do go both ways."

"Wait! Was that your husband?"

"Hi that a FISH sandwich?"

 "Hey, Bubba, hows about y'all hop in the back and we'll tear this place up?"

 "Okay, Grampa, this time you pull MY finger."

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