Friday, January 16, 2015

Observed Absurdities™ 15 - Parking Lot Outrage

So...having purchased a few essential items, I'm walking out to my car in the parking lot of my local big box national chain discount-like retailer.

Then...what to my wondering eyes should appear but irrefutable evidence of the recent presence of a total goomba/doink/dipstick.

Behold... couldn't have pushed the cart three more lousy feet and actually put it IN the cart corral instead of leaving it dangling out there, daring someone to hit it the way I want to hit you?!!?

Have a nice day.


Matthew said...

To be fair, at least they made it that far. It's slightly better than just pushing it off at a random direction (usually someone else's car), left in an empty spot, or pushed between two other cars (I've actually seen this)

Dewey said...

Agreed, Matthew NotDillon. If I wanted to become a grouchy old man, I could run a whole series of StupidParkingLotPics.

Stephanie Newman said...

Matthew and I could share our stories of grocery store stupidity. We both worked at a grocery store in our college years and seen our fair share of things like your post. :)

James Nichols said...

To expect something like this from someone who can't even change out of her pajamas to go shopping is too much.