Friday, January 31, 2014

Say What You Mean, Please


Have you ever wanted to complain and whine and moan about a pet peeve, but you knew that the minute you did you would come across as a smart aleck, wiseacre, hoopty-doofus?

And besides, you've always said you wanted to have your blog be a mostly-positive, keeping-it-light, hey-man-you're-not-the-only-clam-in-the-chowder kind of place.

But sometimes...sometimes you've just got to step outside the subjective virtual walls you've encased yourself in and tell the world there is something Definitely Not Right going on and we must do whatever we can to make it stop.

So goes...

My friends, you do NOT mean you "could care less." The actual factual fact of the matter is...the idea you are trying to that you could NOT care less; that you do not care at all; that your level of caring is so low that there is no level of caring lower.

Make the world a better place...stop the insanity.

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