Friday, January 4, 2013

The Saga of the Christmas Tree Stand

'Twas early December, and all through the house, I searched and searched for the Christmas tree stand that used to be used with our third, and smallest, tree...

We hadn't set up the third tree for at least a couple years, but Beloved decided she wanted it up this time around. So, I pulled the artificial thing down from its shelf in the garage. I was fairly certain I had seen its stand, last year, in the refrigerator box in which we store our largest tree.

My certainty holds no sway over reality.

The stand was not in the refrigerator box. It was not in the box with the tree itself. It was not in the garage. I was NOT. IN. THE. GARAGE.

Oh well, how much could it cost to buy a replacement, right?

Having traveled to three different retail outlets before finding a single replacement stand for an artificial tree, I discovered the answer to that question:  $12.89

With the new stand purchased and the instruction sheet deciphered, our holiday season was appropriately graced by a third fake evergreen, making our basement family room a wonder to behold.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
With our annual celebration of Jesus' birth over, the ornaments were nestled all snug in their cartons, the strings of lights formed into the traditional wad, and the trees disassembled and squeezed into their boxes.

When attempting to return the smallest tree to its shelf in the garage, I had some trouble. There was something blocking the way; keeping me from sliding the box all the way to the wall.

You guessed it...I found the original tree stand...which had, obviously, come to life and did a hide-and-seek routine with me in order to play with my mind. (It must like small toys.)

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