Friday, January 18, 2013

If knowledge is power, you are about to become invincible

Thanks go to the Bathroom Readers' Institute, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, for the following random acts of factosity.

  • Humans have 46 chromosomes; potatoes have 48.
  • Most of South America is east of New York City
  • "Tooth Fairy" is a registered trademark of Colgate.
  • The only animals that can get leprosy: humans and armadillos.
  • The higher an orange grows on its tree, the more Vitamin C it contains.
  • French fries are the most-commonly-requested item for death-row inmates' final meal. (Don't they know those things are bad for your health?!?)
  • Women who regularly eat breakfast cereal before pregnancy are 87% more likely to have a boy.
  • In China, it is considered rude to suck on your chopsticks. (But it's hilarious to tell someone to go do that.)
  • Collectively, New York City cab drivers travel more than a million miles a day.
  • The ancient Egyptians used crocodile-dung suppositories as contraceptives. (Totally makes sense. It's hard to get pregnant when your partner is running away from you holding his nose.)

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