Friday, January 25, 2013

Big Brother Cracks Down

At Big Brother, Inc., they keep a fairly tight leash on just where a worker can wander on the World Wide Wackfest. No social media sites like MyBook or FaceSpace. No streaming media like MeTube or the MyTunes Store.

And if one of us poor, unfortunate souls should attempt to enter where es ist verboten, we are greeted with a browser screen telling us no uncertain words.

A while back, I was wanting to create a message at, and instead of allowing me ANY kind of creative self-expression whatsoever, Big Brother, Inc. greeted me with the following:

Can you read that? The reason given for blocking the site is because it is deemed to be "Tasteless."


I can just hear it. Some veddy-veddy proper chap sitting in a judgement seat making Important Decisions: "I say, Reginald, this just won't do. Bad form, to be sure; bad, bad form. Perhaps if there were more earth tones, but this site is utterly pedestrian."

What's next? I won't be allowed to eat lunch at the local gas station? Like, all of a sudden, anything from a roller grill is toxic?

Okay...bad example.

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Kris Pierson said...

"Memegenerator blocked" post begets meme: