Friday, July 13, 2012

Missed It By That Much

A true story from an old friend...thank you, Alice Dozenliv Heeranimore.

Alice's car was being worked on, and she had a loaner from the car repair establishment so she could still go to work, run errands, and text her friends as a productive member of society.

Having finished her duties at work, Alice returned to the parking lot, pressed the car's remote door-unlocking-thingy, and tried to open the car's door.

The operative word in the previous sentence is "tried."

She could hear the locks change their position when she pressed the remote, but the doors wouldn't budge. Driver's door, passenger door, front, back...absolutely no luck.

Being a resourceful gal, Alice thought she might be able to get in through the trunk's back-seat escape hatch. It would certainly be awkward, and she hoped to the highest heaven nobody would walk by while she was doing it, but it seemed like her only option.

When she popped open the trunk, it was the next car over.

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