Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oz Police Line-Up

Every week at Big Brother, Inc., I instigate a collaborative effort on our communal whiteboard. Some weeks, it's a story written by adding three words at a time (which generally results in absolute proof that the engineers at BBI desperately need my services as a technical writer - yay! Job security!). Most often, it's a picture/cartoon of some sort that I begin with a few shapes or random marks...and that gets added to through the week until it takes on an identity of its own.

Last week's work was a winner:

If the image isn't clear enough for you to see what's going on here, let me summarize.

What began as a circle and an oval, ended up being an homage/satire of The Wizard of Oz featuring the famous foursome in a police line-up, each charged with a variety of offenses:

Dorothy - Illegal immigration, theft, manslaughter, sedition, and invasion of private property
Lion - Draft-dodger, tax evasion, bail-jumper
Scarecrow - Arsonist, voter fraud
Tinman - Cold-hearted
Wizard - Impostery, investment fraud
And Toto, too - Littering

In the bottom left, we see the back of a police officer's head as he says, "Number One, step forward and say, 'I'm not a witch at all'."

With co-workers like this, who needs the funny papers?

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