Thursday, July 7, 2011

Runt Afghan Swami (Fun with Anagrams)

Beloved left me this morning.

Oh, don't worry...she plans to come back as soon as she's had her fill of her siblings and the mountains of Wyoming. Estimated time of her return home: mid-August...2014.

Until what time (if any) she returns, I leave in charge the Scarecrow, by virtue of his...oops...old audio loop...

Until her return, I'll do my best to accomplish something constructive. Take tonight (please): I thought I'd go through some of the piles of papers that tend to accumulate of their own free will while I'm busy know...A LIFE! I was humming along at a fairly decent clip (making music with my lips to a reasonably respectable barber shop?) when I came upon a slip of paper with this Web address on it:

From that point on, any hope of meaningful progress toward feng shui was off the table, out the window, down the drive, and thrown under a bus.

Consider the possible permutations of Beloved's full name, Debbie Ann Brewer Roth:

  • A webbed reborn hinter - Translation: a Christian who doesn't come right out and SAY things...who happens to be a...frog?

  • A thinner robber dweeb - At least I know she'd appreciate the part about being thinner.

What kind of visuals pop into your head with these rearrangements of my full name, Duane Alvin Roth?

  • Radial oven hunt - Gotta be one around here someplace.

  • Devour inhalant - Don't try this at home, kids.

  • Round leviathan - Circular whale?

  • Hot urine vandal - We aim to keep our rest room clean, your aim would...yeah, you've heard that one before.

Well, that's done. Now, I wonder what's about to expire in my queue?

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