Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost the News XII

Tax Breaks Dwarf Deficit
A newly-approved tax has brought an end to the decades-long shortage of little people (no pun intended...kind of).

Masseur Accused of Touching Woman
Ummmmm...isn't that what she was paying him to do?

Medtronic Taps CEO with Global Viewpoint
Depending on how hard they tapped him, that could leave quite a bruise.

After Flat Tire, Woman Hit by Car if being hit by a flat tire wasn't bad enough.

Teen Found After Abduction Report
Apparently, the people searching for the abduction report had better skills than those who were searching for the teen.

Funeral Set After Firefighter's Death
...which makes a whole lot more sense than setting it before the firefighter's death.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Observed Absurdities™ 2 - For Your Throne Room

This was passed along by Queen CanDo, and is so absurd it hardly needs any commentary.

An ad for the REGIO toilet by INAX:

Fit for a king

For those who insist on the highest level of comfort and style, the REGIO toilet by INAX is so much more than just a toilet. REGIO's comfort technologies transform the bathroom into a personal spalike escape. Soft LED lights set the mood, relaxing music melts away stress, an automatic lid uncovers a heated seat, and there's even a dual-nozzle bidet. The Zenlike minimal design is available in brilliant white ($5,900) and black ($7, 350).

I can't help but be curious...

1) What the sam hill is a comfort technology?

2) Just what kind of mood am I supposed to be in, and how is soft lighting supposed to help me get there?

3) Is anyone besides me just a teensy bit nervous about a possible malfunction of the seat heater?

4) Why would anyone within spitting distance of a right mind spend almost six thousand dollars for a toilet with a mechanical lid and an iPod?

5) And why, oh why, does a black one cost $1,450 more than a white one? Is there that much of a difference in supply and demand for the black ones?

This is just my personal opinion...and I reserve the right to be wrong...but I'm pretty sure that anyone who would lay out this kind of dough-re-mi for a toilet should be shaken out of his or her Zenlike trance, taken behind the servants' quarters and horse-whipped...with a real horse.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Observed Absurdities™ 1 - An Ounce of Prevention Pounded by the Cure

Every once in a while, a good-hearted reader of Almost the Truth will bring to my attention something that he or she deems worthy of my brand of skewering. Every once in a greater while than that, I agree with him or her.


ActorBoy brought the wonders of Uloric® to the table. To quote its ad: "Gout's root cause is high uric acid. If you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. To help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid."

So far so good. The logic is irrefutable: Gout=high uric acid. Lower uric acid=no gout.

To continue with the ad: "ULORIC can help. ULORIC is clinically proven to help lower uric acid to a healthy level."

Yippee-skippy! All is right with the world! However...let's take a look at the ever-popular list of possible side-effects, and I quote: "The most common side effects of ULORIC are liver problems, nausea, gout flares, joint pain, and rash."

Please notice that one of the side effects of the medicine designed to relieve gout is flare ups of gout.

How successful do you think Bayer® would have ever been if they had said, "Got a headache? Take Bayer Aspirin. But, hey, the interest of full disclosure, we feel we should warn you that taking aspirin might make your head hurt."

Monday, May 9, 2011


From the Way-More-Explanation-Than-It-Deserves Department:

Every Friday at my current place of employment, we are required to electronically sign our time cards by a particular time. In order to encourage/force us to comply with said requirement, our manager has initiated a "Turtle Race" in which the last person to sign their time card is declared the "winner" in an email featuring a goofy picture of a turtle.

One particular co-worker (Gigantor the Drummer) has a high percentage of wins, in response to which, another particular coworker (Queen CanDo) created a picture of a turtle with Gigantor's face: "No one can defeat me! I AM TURTLE MAN!!!!"

...which of course led me to compose the following...

(To the tune of the Spider-Man cartoon theme)

Turtle-Man, Turtle-Man
Does whatever a turtle can
Never rushes; never runs
Shell protects him from big guns
Look out! Here comes the Turtle-Man

Is he strong? Listen, man
He could crush you like a can
He’s got power in his shell
He sends villains straight to hell
Hey there! There goes the Turtle-Man.

In the swamp at night
At the scene of a crime
He can snap; he can bite
But he takes his sweet time

Turtle-Man, Turtle-Man
Friendly neighborhood Turtle-Man
Hasn’t got a single lack
Has his home on his back
To him, life never makes him hurry
He hasn’t got a worry
We love the Turtle-Man!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There is nothin' like an earworm...

...nothin' in the world. Nothin' else can make you squirm like a never ending earworm!

2 – American Pie (Don McLean)
10 – Maybe Tomorrow (Jackson 5)
15 – Entries have been a little sparse, because I’ve been doing battle with songs from the most recent Giant Step Theatre production, rather than with anything anyone else would recognize. Imagine waking up to “He did it ‘cause he’s a one-eyed jack. He’s a kleptomaniac” or “When you find yourself in the middle of a pickle, it don’t pay to lose yer head” running laps in your brain.
18 – The Things We Do for Love (10cc)
19 – Good News (2nd Chapter of Acts) My earworms haven’t included any early Jesus Music for a while…and welcome back. (The bad news is, I can’t find a clip of “Good News” on YouTube to show you.)
24 – The theme song from I Dream of Jeannie (of COURSE I had no problem finding THAT:
27 – Old Days (Chicago)
28 – Michelle (Beatles)

2 – Closer to Me (Seals & Crofts)
4 – Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem DRY Bones…
5 – Take the Long Way Home (Supertramp)
6 – Take the Long Way Home (Supertramp) That’s right…two days in a row. And today, it stayed with me all day long; not just in the morning. Grrrrrrrr.
8 – Whenever I Call You Friend (Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks) Even though I lack an ounce of affinity for Stevie Nicks, either as a solo act or with Fleetwood Mac, I admit that this is one of the most-infectious duets devised by mankind.
10 – Reign in Us (Starfield)
15 – I Will Follow You/Sounds of Silence (Chris Tomlin/Simon & Garfunkel) Interesting juxtaposition.
18 – C’mon Get Happy (Partridge Family)
23 – Let Me Love You Tonight (Pure Prairie League)
29 – Bring the Rain (Mercy Me)
31 – Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Elton John)

1 – Psalm of Hope (Debbie Roth hasn’t even recorded the vocals for this yet, but the tune, written by our very own KayJay, got stuck in my head last night and lasted through this morning.)
5 – Midnight Blue (Melissa Manchester)
11 – Kiss on My List (Daryl Hall and John Oates) Trivia: they were never officially billed as “Hall & Oats.” They maintained their individuality, even as they became a highly-successful duo. Another note…when this particular song gets in your head…GOOD LUCK!
13 – Room Noise (2nd Chapter of Acts) If anyone reading these words knows this song, I will personally and unashamedly wet my pants.
18 – That’s Entertainment (from The Band Wagon)
21 – We Are the Champions (Queen)