Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When a Facebook Status Goes Rogue

I really don’t know what causes these things, but let me assure you that I am not making up or almosting the truth about anything that follows. (None of the names have been changed, because nobody’s innocent.) All I did was change my FaceBook status to:

They laugh alike, they walk alike, at times they even talk alike

That’s all it took to inspire the following flurry of comments.

Stephanie Caro They're cousins! Identical cousins, and you'll find ...

Tom Cash ‎"One pair of matching bookends, different as night and day." Man, the Patti Duke Show theme music had to be dug up from the moldy-oldie file. I can't believe I remembered it. We are old.

Leslie J. Sam Helgerson Cookie Monster and Grover?

Dewey Roth SamWise: Close. It's actually Yoda and Grover.
"The Other" Tom Cash wins an "I Knew the Show Title and Still Managed to Include Dewey in a Sweeping Statement of Truth" award.

Tom Cash ‎"The Other" Tom Cash? I thought I was one of a kind!

Dewey Roth Well, you're not the Tom Cash that sang "Take This Job and Shove It."

Tom Cash That was Johnny Paycheck!

Dewey Roth All these years, I've been so very wrong.
But there IS a country singer who stole your name, right?

Theresa Burdette Hagaman You know it still plays on satellite TV - good as ever

Tom Cash Tommy Cash is Johnny Cash's youngest brother. He recorded some singles and albums, but never made it big. His best known song is "Six White Horses" (released in 1969), a tribute to John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, & Bob Kennedy. My personal favorite: "I Didn't Walk the Line" (1965)!

Dewey Roth T-Girl...Beloved and I borrowed the DVDs from the library. It's surprising how FEW plotlines had anything to do with their physical similarities.

Leslie J. Sam Helgerson Tom — When you wrote "...a tribute to JFK, MLK and Bob Kennedy," I thought "Bob Kennedy? How did the game-show host from "Split Second" get into that group?"
Man, things are sure entertaining in my head!

Tom Cash Clarification: John F. Kennedy; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Robert F. Kennedy!

Dewey Roth SamWise...you're thinking of Tom Kennedy, who also hosted "You Don't Say!"

Dewey Roth ‎...which I loved

Tom Cash You don't say!

Leslie J. Sam Helgerson Dewey — Yes. I know. That's why it struck me so funny. Like that old song "Abraham, Martin, and Wink."

Susan Woodcox Kasdorf But they’re cousins.....identical cousins

Dewey Roth ‎...in every way

Barry Gordon PARENT TRAP meets PATTY DUKE...
Margaret Hamilton as Maid / Mrs. Williams...2 episodes

Apryl Dunshee Haden I have no idea what all you old people are talking about...

Leslie J. Sam Helgerson I like the part where Ben-Hur puts the girls in the back seat of his talking car and drives the girls across the parted Red Sea to visit Mr. T, with Bill Bixby riding shotgun. Or something like that.

Tom Cash That only happened after My Favorite Martian employed Mr. Ed, the talking horse, to take Wally and the Beaver to Mork from Ork, who proceeded to get the entire bunch Lost in Space. When Edith Bunker heard about it, she told Archie, who immediately blamed Meathead. Or something like that.

Dewey Roth Jane! Help! Stop this crazy thing! Help! Jane!

Leslie J. Sam Helgerson It's Alive!

Kevin Williams ‎...as different as night and day

* * * * * * *

All of which culminated with Leslie J. Sam Helgerson posting on his own wall:

Headline: Facebook status takes on life of its own
Philosophers, Mathematicians perplexed by non-sequitur responses
Congress to investigate, cites possible copyright infringement

With friends like this, who needs television?

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