Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come and listen to a story...

Here's the set-up: A person ventures out on the World Wide Wackfest (www) and finds babelfish. Said person then types an English phrase, translates it to a foreign language, copies that translation and translates it back to English. The results can be, in varying degrees, humorous, confusing, unexplainable, thought-provoking, and/or meaningless.

In this case, we got a little bit of it all.

The original phrase was: Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed: a poor mountaineer; barely kept his family fed.

The results are printed here for your amusement, bemusement, ceemusement, etc.

Spanish: It comes and it listens to a history on a appointed man Jed: a poor mountain dweller; he hardly maintained his fed family.

Korean: Jed distinction becomes and about the man talk comes and listens closely: The alpinist who is poor; Defended his family fed. barely.

Dutch: Bowl and lustre to a tale concerning people Jed called: a bad mountaineer; hardly its family kept fed.

French: Come and listen to a history about d' a man called Jed: a poor mountaineer; hardly its family EDF kept.

German: And hear to a history over a man, who comes Jed is called: a poor mountain climber; its family Fed hardly held.

Greek: Come and you hear a history for a individual that is named Jed: one poor mountain as soon as it kept his family feeding.

Italian: It comes and it listens to a history approximately a called man Jed: a poor mountain climber; to mala pain he has maintained its family fed.

Japanese: Jed name can be listed, the story concerning the person it comes, hears: Poor mountain climber; That family fed. was maintained at last.

Russian: It comes and listens to the story about the named person Of jed: poor mountain climber; barely held in control its FED. family.

Chinese: Comes and listens about a person's story to name Jed: A pitiful mountaineer; Had not retained his family fed nearly.

Portuguese: It comes and listening a history on a nominated man Jed: a poor alpinista; it badly kept its fed family.

Awww...poor alpinista...(any relation to Al Pacino?)

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