Monday, May 10, 2010

I got to thinkin'...

Last Friday, I went to see a high school production of the mega-hit piece of musical theatre, Les Miserables. [Say it with a French accent: lay mizza-ROB-luh. In conversation, those in the know usually just call it "Les Mis" (Lay Mizz)] It was a great production, considering there were only two lines of spoken dialogue the whole evening and they would earnestly sing such memorable lines as, "Hey, Eponine, what's up today?"

True Truth is, it really was impressive and especially gratifying to see/hear several Giant Step (Children's) Theatre alums blow the roof off the joint.

[For any newcomers, Giant Step Theatre is the group wherein I coach acting, choreograph dance-like spasms, and share a stage with as many as 80 3rd-9th graders. (See We generally take a well-known fairy tale and twist it into something familiar-yet-fresh. For example, in February, we performed Snow White and the 7 or 8 Dwarfs.] of the Les Mis cast members (a Giant Step alum) suggested that we do a twisted version of Les Miserables and call it Less Miserable.

And THAT, dear readers, is what got me thinking...dangerous, dangerous stuph. How about a show focused on:
  • A hospital for folks that find it very painful to recline: Lay Misery
  • Inventing a soft drink without as much carbonation: Less Fizzy
  • An unmarried gal who works as a greeter at a Hawaiian airport: Lei Ms
  • A bed-wetter: Lay Whiz
You can never predict from whence inspiration will spring. But because I'm a little afraid of where this particular bit of brain runoff may go, I best be cutting it off right here. Consider yourself blessed.


Dave Burkum said...

How about Les Blizzardables, Victor Hugo's classic set in Minnesota during terrible winter starring Jean VaLongJean. Just sayin...

Dewey said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I was wondering if anyone would come up with more. Well done!