Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dewey needs...

One of the latest things to hit Facebook (and you know that I am all about the latest things) is a little exercise in narcissism wherein the practitioner does a Google search on the World Wide Wackfest (www) for the words "Practitioner'sName needs" and then posts the phrases found floating in the Ethernet for all the world to see.

And so, here are the top results for "Dewey needs..."
...a home for the holidays regain the pace he once had and develop a step rather than trying to run over everyone
...a glass of water to help him relax but instead discovers marijuana
...a lot of freedom in his close one-to-one relationships and he may experiment with nontraditional forms of relationships win to surpass Donato Hanover’s single season TROTTING earnings record of $233,6190 set in 2007 get his act together, lose the frat-boy persona, and learn how to teach
...just four assists to move into the UIndy all-time top ten
...sleep be corrected and modified and brought up to date find a job, and as fate would have it, he decides to take Ned’s
...some schema information for labeling
...shelter only John can provide
...a social life. place a call to Burt Hooten and ask for advice in getting Wandy straightened out
...a win Friday in order to still be playing on Week 11
...Emersonian nudgings to help learn the value of the nonconformist within society abstain from sex for the entire weekend, and if he does, his prize is Jay's virginal Jesus freak sister
...a watch be held properly accountable for failing to pay explicit attention to the specific nature of the power relations surrounding him be mentioned as a leader in education be saved
...all the energy she can muster take a physics class, and desperately wants to enter the local battle of the bands competition
...a ride to the arcade
...a little training (but learns quickly!) and is quite energetic - he'd make a great outdoor companion be replaced
...a full-time team of translators with a language and library background and some input from specialists
...a haircut
...not only to be studied but to be emulated
...a gazebo and money needs to be raised so it can be built
...fired and Davis needs voted out swab a lot of decks defense for his action, certainly be even cooler than me, 'cause he has all that Husky hair
...extra gear for the annual burn convention
...comforting alter five feral cats who are living under a trailer next to her
...your help now
...more than the vet try and pull up a picture on that camera phone, and say, “Dang, I run my own business, but I can’t operate my cell phone!" save all of his friends from an evil baron who wants to pollute the world come up with a hit song
...a ratings boost
...a written report from each person be on quality senior feed as well as hay pellets due to the fact that his teeth are worn down with age be outside by himself in order to go
...miles and an owner with time to spoil him; he was an orphan so he is accustomed to lots of attention from people lessons
...a biblical lecture from Glenn Dickey
...a plan introduction understand that we no longer live in the 1970's
...a new blog entry [Ah-HA! So THAT'S what this was really all about!]

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Return of the Earworm

Last Wednesday morning, I inexplicably woke up with an old, old, old Pepsi jingle running around in circles in my head. (Not that it was inexplicable that I woke up. In fact, it was quite understandable that I woke up...what with my alarm ringing and all.)

"Taste that beats the others cold...Pepsi pours it on."

After I had unsuccessfully exhausted all attempts at purging the nasty earworm from my consciousness, I started wondering, "Whatever happened to the Cola Wars?" Back in the 1980s, there was a series of commercials spewing forth from Pepsi and Coke that were basically attack-ads aimed at each other. There was some pretty funny stuff, including nursing home residents sucking on Cokes but being transformed into young, hip party-ers when someone delivers Pepsi to them instead. ("The choice of a NEW generation.")

But I realized that I hadn't seen anything even approaching a Cola War ad for a long time. To be more exact: a very long time.

But then I realized that I hadn't seen any cola TV commercial for a very long time.

But then I realized that I hadn't seen any television ads at all in a very long time.

And then I remembered..."Oh yeah...I don't watch TV much anymore." Most of my boob tube entertainment infiltrates my sphere of awareness via either DVD or (A moment of silence, please, for "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.")

* * * * * * *

While doing the exhaustive research necessary to keep this post historically accurate, I found that the Cola Wars have been reignited. This was posted by the news service, Reuters, on January 22nd of this year:

Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are reigniting the long-smoldering "cola wars" with new marketing, hoping to stem a 3-year U.S. sales decline of carbonated drinks.

Coke is launching a global marketing campaign this week for its iconic cola brand, weeks after Pepsi introduced new marketing and overhauled the logos of its soft drinks, including its flagship cola.

"I don't think we've seen this kind of head-to-head competition from the cola giants for probably a decade or so," said John Sicher, publisher of industry newsletter Beverage Digest. "In my view, the cola wars are back on in a very intense and dramatic way." intense and dramatic that none of us was aware it was happening. But then again, I've already established that even though my best friends while growing up were Captain Kangaroo and Gilligan, my television awareness in the recent past is comparable to my skill with power tools. ("Back away from the reciprocal saw, Dewey.")

But then I realized that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Headline Tango

I am inflicted with a strange disease that doesn't allow me to read a newspaper without twisting the headlines to my own warped way of thinking. Observe . . .

When I read the headline, Alleged Mobster Gets Sucked In, I immediately imagined Al Capone as part of the Kirby video game.

Outcry Over Ship Named After Nazi. It's not enough to name hurricanes and tropical storms? Now we're keeping track of outcries by giving them names like Adolf and Himler?

I understand that the writer of the headline Cretin Crushes Lakeville South may have been a Lakeville fan, but that's no reason to start name-calling.

Retired Teacher Charged Over Sex Acts With Student. I'm sure he was, but I'm pretty disgusted by it myself.

The headline reads TV Anchor Slaying Suspect Tied to Rape, but is it talking about someone who is suspected of slaying a TV anchor or a TV anchor who slayed a suspect?

Defense Hit with Computer Warfare. Apparently, these new-fangled computer warfare games really, really like the idea of defense instead of offense. Why that's a news item, I'll never know.

Teen Accused in Fatal Beating by Pipe to be Tried as Juvenile. I'm confused. Since when were pipes given the right to accuse anyone of anything?

Only one of those flamboyant, swishy hosts of a cable fashion show would be upset with the news that Protesters Clash with Police in Capital.

Franken Loses Bid to Toss Out Coleman Suit. I've got no problem with this. I think a man ought to be able to clean his own closet. Let everybody else mind their own business.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

God Our Fodder

One day this past week, as part of the Useful Breath Bible-reading schedule (hop aboard at, I read a passage in Jeremiah, Chapter One, wherein God is showing the prophet different object lessons to teach him some truths. Two verses jumped out at me (scaring me just a bit, while waving their arms and shouting, "Booga-booga!"):

Jeremiah 1:11-12...

The word of the Lord came to me: "What do you see, Jeremiah?"

"I see the branch of an almond tree," I replied.

The Lord said to me, "You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled."

A thinking person's first question might very well be, "What the farnsworth does the branch of an almond tree have to do with God being the Father-up-above-who-is looking-down-in-love-so-be-careful-little-hands-what-you-do?"

A footnote in my Bible has the answer: "The Hebrew for watching sounds like the Hebrew for almond tree."

So...God is a punster! He likes to play with words. And He uses the humor in such wordplay as a memory aid for the prophet Jeremiah. It would be like if He showed me a picture of Benedict Arnold and said, "I am a trader; taking your sins and giving you abundant life."

Okay, maybe not a whole lot like that.

The valid point to make here is that God was infinitely wise to do this whole thing with Jeremiah, the Junior Woodsman/Horticulturist, and not me. If He had asked me, "What do you see, Dewey?" I would have said, "A tree branch," and the whole object lesson would have been lost.