Saturday, April 5, 2008

50 Ways XI

39. Share ideas at
This is kind of a Facebook for community service organizations. The idea is to stop competing for funds to run each program, and instead, collaborate on what works and what doesn't. I logged on recently and was warned about ever allowing a large, purple-haired woman named Rosetta to volunteer. It seems she likes to make all the decisions...and smells funny.

40.Commit random acts of kindness.
I'm so glad that U.S. News & World Report phrased it like this. In the movie Evan Almighty, in order to form a plot-fitting acronym, they were called "acts of random kindness," which really doesn't make much sense when you parse the sentence. Is it even possible for kindness to be random? Seems to me it has to be specified toward someone or it doesn't qualify as kindness at all...just eccentricity.

The idea began in 1993, in a Bakersfield College classroom presided over by Prof. Chuck Wall. (How can someone named Chuck Wall be a professor of anything? And are you sure his last name isn't Wagon?) The movie Pay It Forward was based on Professor Chuck's assignment. This leads me to issue a reminder that Sixth Sense star, Hackney Joke Cement, ended that picture in a state of lifelessness officially known as being dead. I'm just sayin'...

41. Avoid recalls: Make your own toys.
Avoid my wrath: Stop telling me what to do.

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