Saturday, March 22, 2008

50 Ways (to Improve Your Life in 2008) V

13. Yawn!
This is one of my favorite activities, and now it is scientifically proven -- "according to a recent study at the State University of New York-Albany" -- that yawning is good for you. It increases heart rate, cools the brain, and heightens attentiveness. Yes, it is a bit contagious -- and I'm sure you've already increased your heart rate, cooled your brain, and experienced a heightened attentiveness just by reading the word "yaaaaawn" -- but when it's a good thing for you, then that's a good thing.

Stay tuned, however, for a study from the University of Minnesota-Duluth which is racking up evidence that yawning is indeed bad for you. It's sure to happen.

14.Build memories through scents.
One of the strongest memory triggers we humans have is the sense of smell, so the suggestion from Rachel Herz, a research psychologist at Brown University and School of Taxidermy, is to sniff things on purpose and increase our aromatic awareness. I've tried this when meeting new know, just giving an extra little sniff to associate their name with something. I've been slapped three times. works for dogs.

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