Sunday, January 27, 2008

Headlines Are Playing With My Head

Every once in a while, a newspaper headline will just hit me sideways. I don't know what it is...though I suspect the issue falls mostly on my side of the net...but sometimes I get the feeling that what the headline says to me is not what the article is really about.

Saturday's edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune was a treasure trove of such finds:

3RD SUSPECT FACES CHARGES OVER MAN LOCKED IN TRUNK -- What a strange courtroom scene that must have been. And what was the purpose of having a man locked in a trunk and the accused standing on top of him?

MISSING ST. PAUL MAN FOUND OK -- Not only was the St. Paul man missing; so, apparently, was Oklahoma.

PIANIST, SPCO JOIN IN SPARKLING PROGRAM -- Wouldn't this have been more appropriate for the 4th of July?

FIRE FORCES GAMBLERS TO FLEE MONTE CARLO RESORT -- I guess the employees and people just enjoying the buffet were allowed to stay.

SENATE RESPONDS: NOT SO FAST -- This is news? Since when has the Senate ever responded quickly to anything?

WILL YOUTH RESHAPE '08 RACE? Young People are Voting in Droves and Could Have a Big Impact--If They Stay Engaged -- I'm all in favor of age requirements for voters, but this whole you-gotta-have-a-fiance thing seems a bit Big Brotherish to me.

FIRED BUILDER WILL GET ANOTHER SHOT AT WAKOTA BRIDGE -- We're condoning acts of violence against our infrastructure now? "Here. We know you went all postal when we fired you in 2006, but go ahead...lock and load and see what kind of damage you can do this time."

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