Friday, June 2, 2017

Amazing Bacon Proclamation

Parade magazine tried to hide the true truth I'm about to reveal, but I will not be silenced!

In this past weekend's edition of Parade, several regional hamburgers were featured as a welcome-to-summer kind of thing. One of the creative creations was The Vermonster, from the Boston Burger Company: "a delicious mash-up of a bacon cheeseburger and a classic Yankee apple pie".

Not gonna lie...the idea of an apple pie on a bacon cheeseburger doesn't even begin to sound appealing to me, but that's not the issue I have with this. The problem was this statement within the description:

The Vermonster's secret is searing the burger and the bun in bacon drippings.

Bacon drippings? Who are they trying to kid?

They are FRYING the burger and bun in bacon GREASE...the melted fat from the slabs of processed fat that are adorning the sandwich and also hardening the arteries of everyone eating this heart-stopper.

Bacon precious...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

You know, the more I talk about this...the better it sounds.

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