Friday, April 21, 2017


Getting AHEAD of the social media wave on this one (because I've not seen any FatBeatles hashtag).

Correction: while doing some actual research on the subject, I see there WERE a few tweets with this hashtag in 2015 and early 2016.


Once again, I am on the back side of a minor trend, but that's far better than being on a minor trend's backside.

What songs would John, Paul, George, and Richard have recorded if they were on end of the continuum?

  • All My Oven
  • All You Knead Is Dough
  • Baby, You Can Drive My Car to McDonald's
  • Blackbird (Under Glass)
  • Can't Buy Me Non-stretch Pants
  • Carry That Weight (Around Your Hips)
  • The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill's Never-ending BBQ Buffet
  • Eight Shakes a Week
  • Full on the Hill
  • Get Baby Back Ribs
  • Getting Butter
  • Got to Get Guac Into My Life
  • Happiness Is a Warm Bun
  • I Want to Hold Your Ham Sandwich
  • I'm Down (To 265)
  • Lady Fingers Madonna
  • Love Me Mountain Dew
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Sandwich
  • She Came In Through the Drive-thru Window
  • Strawberry Pies Forever
  • When I'm Two Hundred Sixty-Four
  • With a Little Hellman's from My Friends
  • You've Got to Hide Your Snacks Away


Bobbi Doyle said...

One of my favorite qualities in my husband is his witty sense of humor. It's hard to hold any grudges when you're always laughing! You make me laugh, Dewey. I find myself wondering how your brain comes up with this stuff, the same way I often wonder about my husband's brain. ��

Dewey said...

Most of the truly funny stuff tends to bypass my brain entirely. It comes from some gland located behind my left shoulder blade. The more I have to THINK about something, the less funny it ends up being. you this comment.