Friday, March 10, 2017

This Is Keeping Me Awake

I may be opening a can of large, unwieldy worms here...

I do not want this space to become politicized or militarized or pasteurized, but I've got an honest question about an extremely controversial, sensitive, potentially-explosive issue.

I am not joking.

What with all the gender-fluid, "I don't agree with my birth certificate", love-is-love-no-matter-what, stop-being-a-neanderthal stuph going around, I am absolutely and honestly confused about something.

What if someone identifies as the gender opposite to what his/her genitals would indicate AND is homosexual?


Mary Barrios said...

I guess that would mean they were heterosexual if they were not transgendered. Right?

Dewey said...

Zackly...but it's like walking up the stairs backwards; you get to the same place, but it's so awkward