Friday, August 5, 2016

...You Just May Have A Problem

Time to self-evaluate:

If you refuse to go through a four-way stop when there are any other cars just may have a problem.

If you think it's important to decide whether you want ketchup or just may have a problem.

If you can remember the words to the SuperChicken theme song, but not where you put your glasses...

If it takes you longer to pee than to sing the national anthem...

If you order an Angus Three-Cheese & Bacon sandwich and large Curly Fries at Arby's, and consider NOT getting a cherry turnover with it a weight-loss just may have a  problem.

1 comment:

Mark Sherwood said...

When you find yourself in danger
When you're threatened by a stranger
When it looks like you may take a licken'
(Now, where did I put my glasses . . . ?)

Oh say can you see . . .
. . . of the brave.