Friday, May 6, 2016

Duck and Cover Girl

The way I figure it, women must be pretty fierce.


Fearless warriors, who refuse to run away from a challenging situation.

Here's what I'm talking about...the other evening, Beloved and I were strolling through a big box retailer where all the associates wear red polo shirts. We were in the aisle for eye makeup (a good place to be, because Beloved was wanting to purchase some eye makeup) and I noticed what Covergirl has chosen to call some of its offerings.

If you're in the market for mascara, some of your choices are fairly violent, if you ask me.

Lashblast Fusion...sounds like something Han Solo would use to neutralize a greedy bounty hunter.

Plumpify Blastpro...I can hear this being shouted in a munitions development lab. "Prepare to plumpify Blastpro!"

A third name just makes me cringe in sympathetic pangs of pain...Clump Crusher.

And the ladies are using these things right next to their eyeballs! Amazing bravery!

One particular eyeliner caught my attention as well...Liquiline Blast.

I'm almost certain it takes an extra person to help apply this; standing about 20 feet away: "Alright! Brace yourself! I'm going to blast the left one first! One...two..."

"Wait wait wait! Is that YOUR left or MY left?"



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