Friday, April 22, 2016

Which IS It? "Natural" or "Cut"?

Wendy's has been using the term "Natural-Cut Fries" since the fall of 2010, but just last night, inexplicably, my attention was caught and I started wondering what made the cutting of Wendy's fries so all-fire natural?

So of course, I dove head-first into the World Wide Wackfest to find out all I could about the concept of "natural cut".

There's a hair salon in Dublin called The Natural Cut that looks like a really fun place:

I kinda doubt they process all of Wendy's fries, though.

Nor do I think Wendy's has shopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the Natural Cut for Perfect Fries™ One Step French Fry Cutter...especially since it's no longer available online. (Wait...What?!!? Bed, Bath, and BeYOND???)

Then there's a company called ProVia ("The Professional Way") that sells something called Natural Cut Manufactured Stone...which sounds a little like Genuine Artificial Flavoring.

There's also the Natural Cut that is, according to its Twitter profile, "a Simple, Youth yet Sophisticated Indonesian Clothing Brand." They ask, "Have you buy our BLEUE Flannel Shirt? This shirt really suits for your daily basis. Let's do some shop..."

But wait! There's more...

I've also found  Natural Cut Himalayan Salt Lamps, which gets my vote for Band Name of the Day.

Believe it or not, I've also uncovered why Wendy's calls their fries Natural-Cut, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with finding their potatoes already cut by the Forces of Nature.

I know, right?

It just means they don't heat the potatoes before cutting them, so the skin stays on...but that's neither interesting nor funny, so why would I bother writing about that?

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