Friday, September 18, 2015

Tweet It Again, Sam

Just in case you haven't been dialed in to the Twitter wonderosity known as @deweyroth, allow me to repeat some tweets you could have seen live and in person HAD you been...

UberFacts: Australia moves toward Asia 3 inches per year.” How long has this been going on? Because it hasn't run into Asia yet, right?

Martin Van Halen #AlmostThePrez

Richard M. Nikon #AlmostThePrez

#NewsFlash: Nobody cares what you had for dinner. #TrueTruth

Needless wordage. #NormalTweet

I probably ate at least a dozen Oreos in the employee breakroom last night. #GodIsGood

ChruchSecretary: Pie & Lattes > Pilates” #Truth

Just watched #BlackHawkDown and am disappointed it wasn't about a depressed bird.

UberFacts: The first recipient of a silicone breast implant was a dog.” until she got the!

UberFacts: In Finland, when someone earns their Ph.D., they are given a top hat and a sword.” That tears it! I'm moving!

UberFacts: Every second, you make 500 new skin cells.” No wonder #I'mExhausted

UberFacts: Women are more likely to duck into the men’s room than vice versa.” Because you CAN'T men into the duck room. #Duh

UberFacts: You are more likely to be killed by your sofa than by a terrorist attack.” I've never trusted my sofa. Now I know why.

Factsionary: There are 14 billion insects for every human on Earth.” Anybody can have mine, I don't want them.

Blathering in the #digital world

Just swam in a hotel pool in Jaynesville WI. Now showering off the #cheese residue.

Factsionary: Archeologists have found pots of honey thousands of years old in Ancient Egyptian tombs that are still edible.” #ediblepots

UberFacts: A feral pig in Australia stole 18 beers from a campsite, got drunk, and then tried to fight a cow.” O the evils of Drink

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