Friday, July 3, 2015


Here I sit, on the cutting edge of popular culture, being very careful not to slip.

I saw the recently-trending Twitter hashtag, #MakeAMovieUnderwhelming, and my fertile mind started stinking to high heaven. Not wanting to be influenced by the mediocrity of the Twitterverse, I didn't actually click on or read anyone else's contributions, but decided to unleash my own concoctions upon an unsuspecting world.

Stand back, this isn't going to be pretty...

  • Harry Potter and the 2nd Grader's Marble
  • Harry Potter and the Small Closet of Rumors
  • Harry Potter and the Azkaban Visitor Who Overstayed His Welcome
  • Harry Potter and the Shot Glass of Gatorade
  • Harry Potter and the Committee of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the One-Eighth Blood Duke
  • Harry Potter and the Slightly Nauseating Hallows
  • The Cat, the Sideshow Medium, and the Broom Closet
  • Single Sapling Gump
  • Star Disagreements Episode One: Phantom Irritation
  • Star Disagreements Episode Two: Phone Prank of the Clones
  • Star Disagreements Episode Three: (Montezuma's) Revenge of the Sick
  • Misplaced With the Slight Breeze
  • The Wizard of Odd
  • Guardians of the Garage

And yes...I realize that making Episode One of Star Wars underwhelming is just being redundant.

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