Friday, August 8, 2014

Raugh Out Roud

Many thanks to for documenting these sometimes politically incorrect, but always funny and Actual Factual translating-from-Japanese-to-English oddities.

  • The following people must be accompanied when taking the elevator: a) Children under seven years old. b) Sufferers of heart disease and hypertension. c) The blind, the pregnant, the moron and the psychopath.
  • AIM OF OUR SERVICE: If you take Jiaozuo as a hotel, we will be the attendants of the hotel and you can enjoy the courteous reception of being God.
  • The advertisement burns the child chicken.
  • Do not enter the dangerous!
  • A better future without blue sky and clear rivers is in our hands.
  • This freezer is out of control.
  • ATTENTION OUTBOUND PASSENGERS: The date stamped on the visa which you received from the embassy indicates the validity of the visa that you must use the visa within that period of time within which you must use the visa. It is not amount of time that you allowed to stay in the count. The length of stay is indicated on the immigration stamp upon your arrived.

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