Friday, May 9, 2014

Problematic Blessing

There's a guy at my church who has been working in Iowa, while his wife and kids still lived in Minnesota, for six years. It's been a long haul, with only a couple weekends a month of being together.

He recently got a new job closer to home — 2.5 miles from his house, to be exact!

As you can imagine, everybody that had been praying for him through it all was pretty excited...but as part of our thanksgiving during a mid-week prayer group, we also asked God to help the family readjust to him being home; it was going to be a new kind of normal after such a long time.

When I told the man and his wife about how we had prayed about that readjustment, the guy said, "That's great! I haven't really thought about that."

To which his wife energetically responded, "Oh believe me, I'VE thought about it!"

Sometimes, blessings bring their own set of problems. Methinks we ought not to take them off our prayer list too quickly, eh?

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