Friday, November 29, 2013


Here on the day after Thanksgiving, as I practice my annual Black Friday Hermitage...avoiding all contact with the retail world...stand back as I almost reflect on some things that make life livable:

Skyline Chili...Thank you, Nicholas Lambrinides, for bringing your deep-sigh-inducing magic from Kastoria, Greece to Cincinnati, Ohio. (Click here for an up-close and personal look at this culinary delight.)

Captain Philips...Thank you, Tom Hanks, for the last 5 minutes of this film. Your character was on the verge of physical collapse and emotional breakdown, and my heart was racing. I see a third Oscar in your immediate future. you, Guys With the Goods, for having a site that makes me grin, even though I have never, and probably never will, buy anything from you. Somehow, the world seems like a better place, just knowing that I could buy a Beard Head Barbarian Roadie Hat if I wanted to.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...Thank you, Douglas Adams, for the most hilarious 5-book trilogy ever published. Also, the ONLY 5-book trilogy ever published, but that's beside the point. Or, perhaps, beyond the point. At any rate, it is NOT the point.

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