Friday, November 8, 2013

How Old Do I LOOK?!!?

Daughter Number Two, BuckEye, recently posted a list of several places of business that give discounts to People Of A Certain Age...and I'm not talking the to-be-expected threshold of 65, either. No-sirree. There are restaurants that offer, upon request, discounts of 10-20% just because a person has somehow managed to reach the age of 55!

Having just returned from a week of vacation, there were no leftovers in the fridge to take to work for lunch, so I decided to test the validity of BuckEye's sources and went to the local McWenarbellkinway's.

I thought they might want to see my driver's license to verify my age, so I skipped the drive-through and walked inside.

"I'd like a Number Six, large, with the senior discount."

The toddler who was barely standing at the cash register did NOT ask to see my I.D.

She did not do a double-take and go on and on about how I couldn't possibly be 55.

She did absolutely nothing that would make me want to step outside the norm and actually tip a fast food worker.

Dag nabbit.

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