Friday, June 21, 2013

Mismanage a Thrown Fur (More Fun with Anagrams)

Thanks to my favorite Internet anagram engine, I have found some hidden meanings in terms near and dear to my heart.

  • Blog Writer = Bit Growler
  • Skyline Chili = Ice Hilly Skin (apparently, medical instructions for any allergic reaction)
  • Doctor Pepper = Drop Pot, Creep
  • Almost the Truth = Halt Hotter Smut
  • Earworm = Arrow Me
  • Giant Step Theatre = Sight Pet Anteater (which is almost an aardvark; which is an inside joke for GST alums)
  • Lord of the Rings = Short Log Finder
  • Former Youth Pastor = Perform a Rusty Hoot
  • Jesus Follower = Flee Sour Jowls; Jewels for Soul
  • Debbie's Husband = Hide Snubbed Abs

1 comment:

THE Disney Freak said...

Haha love the GST one! :D