Friday, May 24, 2013

Observed Absurdities™ 9 - Fer Sail Cheep

Queen CanDo is rapidly evolving from trusted co-worker and faithful reader to Almost the Truth Special Corespondent. Here's a collection of actual For Sale notices she saw on FaceBook.

Garage sale going on today from 9-6 at 621 edgar place (capaco) addition, there is women’s shirt’s medium and large, shelf’s, nic nac’s, vcr’s and misc. also for your information, beware there are people that are going to sales that feel the need to steal thing’s right off of your table’s, what are thing’s coming too.
[Holy guacamole! Got enough unnecessary...correction: WRONG...apostrophes there, Myrtle? What are things coming "too", indeed.]

Microwave.  Has weird dent in top.  $10
[Not sure if the weird dent brought the price down to ten dollars or bumped it UP to ten dollars.]

I have 2 traxxas cars one is a stamped and other is a rustler the stamped has x15 speed controle in it and rustler has x l1 in it both needs a motor but other then that work good rustler might need tuning but stamped is ready to run with a new motor and I have a home made trailer with tit to the black body has the hitch to pull it and trailer has leds on it and the black body has head lights and tail lights on it and I have 5 batts for them and 4 or 5 5 hr charger and one quick charger for all them and I have a tool box for all parts too if you like see them let me know thanks
[Has FaceBook started charging people if they use punctuation marks?

I have a hoop nose ring that I only wore once paid 10 asking 5
[Wow...50% depreciation because of coming into contact with your mucus only once?!? What are things coming to?]

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