Friday, May 3, 2013

If I've Told You Once...

Big Brother, Inc. has never had a reputation for high-quality internal communication pieces. It is well-documented (see this previous post) that they could use the services of their own technical writers (aHEM!) to proofreed stuph befour sending it owt.

Worthy of special note is the Training Department, which excels at preserving typos, misspellings, and non sequiturs. (Side note: in the process of finding the correct spelling for non sequitur, asked me if I meant nonsemite.) As an example, here's a question and answer from a quiz I took after being trained in workplace ethics:

It's the closing commentary on my correct response that's the issue: "Correct. The manager is actually directing the team to 'mis-charge' their labor, which is again company policy and our values."

I haven't really decided yet whether this is missing an "st" or commas after "is" and "again".

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