Friday, October 26, 2012

WHAT Kind of Lyrics?

As part of my tireless research for the Thursday morning Name That Tune status updates on my personal FaceBook timeline, I was browsing through the listings at and decided to look at the list of songs for the Backstreet Boys. There was a chance, no matter how slim, that there might be a memorable turn of phrase that could serve the purpose.

Living up to my expectations, none of the listed songs sparked any interest in my trivia-searching heart, however...several of the song titles took me by surprise as they were listed with the word "lyrics" following them, turning a simple song lyric list into a strange collection of terms.


  • Bigger Lyrics
  • Helpless Lyrics
  • Incomplete Lyrics
  • Inconsolable Lyrics
  • Just Want You To Know Lyrics
  • Larger Than Life Lyrics
  • One In A Million Lyrics 
  • Shattered Lyrics
  • The Unloved Lyrics
  • Undone Lyrics
  • Unmistakable Lyrics

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