Friday, October 19, 2012

Observed Absurdities™ 6

Loyal reader and fellow slave at Big Brother, Inc., Queen CanDo, submitted the following:

Here are some nice ads on the "Buy and Sell Fairbault Area" FaceBook page.

Brand New. Never Used. White bag with large silver star sequence design.
I thought brand new and never used were the same thing. I also did not know they are Proper Nouns. And I wonder if the sequence of silver stars is made of sequins?

I adoptied this cat froms craigslist and I really love him but he is so scared so I have desided to find him a new home with older kids or no kids he hides under the bed every day I think my kids scare him his names tigger and he is a year old please if u can give him a good home he deserves it
I am thinking of putting in an ad for free commas and periods to see if she responds. [And I am wondering about the current kids, and how does the cat manage to hide them under the bed every day?]

Looking for cotton yarn? Any one have?
No, I don't? I'm sorry? You can buy some at the store?

Anyone saleiing zumba dvd please please tag me thank u
I don't know what to say about this one. [How about after tagging them thank u, we could call them maybe?]

Fun Popcorn Tubs
Brand new
1 very large tub & very medium tubs
I'm looking for regular medium tubs, so I will have to pass on the very medium. They do sound Fun though.

3 paris of Arizone brand size 14 husky jeans and 1 pair of Old Navy size 12 husky jeans. Nearly worn.
Nearly worn. Does that mean that they were almost worn, or they were worn close to the body?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
This is great stuff, but should it concern me that it came in an email with the subject line, "Lord, help me - I am turning into Dewey!!"?

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